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Pics Photos - Got One Thing That Voldemort Doesn T Have Noses Harry Potter Comic

Idk if I already posted this...

They also had a bit of a saucy attitude and it was hilarious. 28 Reasons Fred And George Are The Best Characters In The Harry Potter Series

Order of the Phoenix:  Fred and George Weasley  in the Room of Requirement with some of their products

Fred Weasley(Left), George Weasley( Harry Potter Film Series) played by James Phelps(Left) and Oliver Phelps. (You Are My Favorite Movies)

.. I always loved you Snape. ; ~ ; Those others can't deny that they hated you.

My favorite movie is Goblet of Fire, but no one can argue that this scene wasn't adorable.

This is TOO CUTE!!

George and Fred (James and Oliver Phelps), Ginny (Bonnie Wright), Seamus Finnigan (Devon Murray), and Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint.) 2001 Ginny's face thou

Okay, Rowling, if this is true, I want novels for all these stories. These are some facts that J.Rowling let slip in numerous interviews. Facts that tell us what all happened nineteen years later

Umas das primeiras fotos deles juntos!! Primeiro dia de gravação

After being cast in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in the trio of Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint posed for publicity photos.

400617_462458300521172_290359357_n.jpg (490×754)

Oh my gods the perfect casting is killing me! It's like, making the entire Percy Jackson fandom SO jealous. :Sobs in corner: "Why can't the Percy Jackson movies be amazing like Harry Potter's?

This is why I love George Weasley... and I'm pretty sure my dad says this just about every morning the same way...

) Haha, I love George. or is it Fred? i will add to this comment. its george you dunce. george lost the ear. thats why his head is bandaged. god, don't you even harry potter?