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Yanomamo girl . blue-headed parrot . Parima Tapirapeco National Park . Venezuela

Yanomamo girl with blue-headed parrot Parima Tapirapeco National Park, Venezuela photo: Art Wolfe

Humanity's beauty Little cutie - Mongolia

Indo-European People: Mongolia ~ 1 in 200 people in Mongolia and Central Asia have blond hair, a gene that goes back 3000 years to the Scythians and other Eurasian Indo-European peoples of ancient Central Asia.

Tsataan Nomads - Dukha (reindeer people) kid holds her favourite reindeer

Tsaatan Nomads, West Taiga, Northern Mongolia - Thomas L.

A pinner wrote "Caba Xingu is Capibara? Brazilian indian child with a cabiai Xingu by Alice Kohler". I guess the animal is a Capibara, and the child is from the Xingu tribe.