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Bugs That Look Like Roaches

What do You Think if Bugs That Look Like Roaches?

Lamprima adolphinae: poor guy everyone's stealing his wings

Lamprima adolphinae, a stag beetle.

Plagiohammus imperator

Plagiohammus imperator THOMSON Frank Hovore collection *The link doesn't work, but this is too beautiful not to pin.

The jewel beetle (タマムシ, Tamamushi) is a small, uncommon bug found on trees. It is a bright...

Jewel beetle

The Heaven of Delight ceiling in the Royal Palace, Brussels is covered with million of these buprestidae beetles

Feather Horned Longicorn Beetle, Piesarthrius marginellus

metallic body , metallic antenna - it's wearing Alexander Calder earrings, really.

Small Turquoise Beetle - Polydrusus sericeus. Michigan

Small Turquoise Beetle - Polydrusus formosus by Michael A Traxler

Microrutela campa

Vitrine de l'entomofaune Guyanaise, Boutique en ligne, vente d'insectes de collection de Guyane Franýaise An exceptional shop window of the entomofanuna of French Guiana An online shop of insects of collection from French Guiana

Coptolabrus pustulifer mirificus, Coptolabrus pustulifer yaanicus

Coptolabrus pustulifer mirificus e Coptolabrus pustulifer yaanicus