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Leonardo Da Vinci's hang glider invention inspired by bats' wings

Hancock / NewsEagles A hang glider based loosely on the design of a bat's wings appears to soar over visitors during t.

Wissenschaft Kunst Wrights Celestial Karte von von frameitposters

Thomas Wright's Celestial Map of the Universe, Universe Stars Antique map of the Solar System Measuring the Universe by Royal Observat.

Luanarium Tullaraium

Brian Greig creates electrified geared orrery exhibits for science museums, planetariums and observatories.

Astrolabe with geared calendar, ca.1221/22. This 13th century Persian astrolabe is the oldest complete device with cog wheels known. On the front side it is an astrolabe, linked to the calendar by a gear train. On the back, the disc shows the phases of the Moon | Oxford, Museum of the History of Science

Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr al Ibari century) Astrolabe with geared calendar, Oxford, Museum of the History of Science. Of Persian origin, and one of the oldest complete devices of it's like in the museums collection.

This is labelled "Cole Compendium" - I'm not sure if that's the name of this item or the name of the book in which it appears, since I grabbed it from a writer's page

This is one of those awesomely intricate multipurpose compasses that also works as a sundial, an astrolabe, and a moondial. It probably even has a miniature piece that functions as a weather vane to tell you which way the wind is blowing.

Clockwork driven orrery with Earnshaw type, split bi-metallic chronometer detent escapement with jewelled pivot and driven with chain fusee. Eight day duration.

Revealing Skeleton Clocks Unknown maker, England, c. an orrery containing numerous celestial indications and continuously driven by a detent chronometer clock, 14 inches in diameter.

The completed tellurian, orrery and subsidiary dial banks. This is the "crown" to Pouvillon's creation and contains 563 parts. Compare this to the several examples of how this would have looked originally before Pouvillon's addition of the orrery and subsidiary dials. I think that original maker would have been impressed.

The completed tellurian, orrery and subsidiary dial banks.


Jones’s ‘New Portable Orrery’ - Trevor Philip & SonsTrevor Philip & Sons

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Midnight Planétarium is an incredible timepiece that features six bejewelled planets in our solar system accurately rotating around our Sun. The watch was created by Van Cleef & Arpels in partnership with Christiaan van der Klaauw.

The original Wanderers orrery.

Handcrafted orrery designs in semi-preciouse stone, brass and oak. A clockwork in solid brass gears moves the 9 planet orrery in correct relative motion.

The heliostat takes light from the sun as it tracks across the sky, and redirects it in a fixed direction. To accomplish this, the light is reflected from a mirror that reproduces the motion of the sun, except at twice the rate. Although he did not invent the heliostat, the Dutch physicist William Jacob s’Gravesande gave it first prominence through mention in his 1742 textbook. Pictured is a Silbermann-type heliostat made by instrument manufacturer Duboscq.

The heliostat takes light from the sun as it tracks across the sky, and…