Tom Hiddleston. Via Twitter.

loses to protag and lets/watched them go admitted they were difficult even for him

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i-wanna-be-toms-body-pillow: “maryxglz: “ Tom Hiddleston photographed by Robert Hanashiro for USA TODAY. Source UHQ ” on the UHQ.

Tom Hiddleston as Captain James Conrad... You're welcome! Edit by Tom Hiddleston Page

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SherLocked, Khanberbatched, and Hiddlestoned

SherLocked, Khanberbatched, and Hiddlestoned


lolawashere: “ Tom Hiddleston photographed by Matthias Clamer for Entertainment Weekly Magazine on July 2016 at Comic Con in the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, California. Via Torrilla/weibo ”

Tom Hiddleston. Via Twitter.

duoblackwhite: coporolight: Tom Hiddleston by Greg Williams Oh my WORD. And that word is breathtaking. Said it before, and I’ll say it again, Greg Williams is a fan girls friend. He takes some of the most breath taking pics

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As tom scribbled on fans papers or objects you stood in front of the camera with an interviewer at your side “ so… we’ve heard tom gets in to character and becomes very cocky ” said the woman who.