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"She buried her ears into the calm of his heartbeat, and in a matter of seconds fell terribly in love with the way her loneliness fell softly and suddenly, asleep, in his chest." Quote by Christopher Poindexter.

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I feel her in my bones and not just in my head. The Universe and Her, and I poem by Christopher Poindexter. These are my favorite

The universe is curled up inside us all, it is up to us to find the stars - Christopher Poindexter

Wow! This hit home.

“Exist” - Erin Hanson - If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.


--it is on those very days when you feel the loneliest, that I will love you the most-- Christopher Poindexter

Poem: We build castles with our fears and sleep in them like kings and queens.

The Blooming of Madness poem by Christopher Poindexter. We build castles with our fears and sleep inside them like kings and queens.

maybe we aren't "supposed" to make sense

Sometimes I sit alone under the Stars and think of the Galaxies inside my Heart ~~~ Christopher Poindexter ༺♡༻

I never realized until that moment how much it hurt to lose something you never had.

"Not only did I love her, but I could tell the universe loved her too. She was different. After all, I would be a fool not to notice the way the sunshine played with her hair." Quote by Christopher Poindexter.

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Fell in love with the colors and the world Crumble life series poem 55 By Christopher Poindexter by christopherpoindexte.