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“ Artwork for the Master Hero card “Thrall the Earth-Warder” from the TCG set Tomb of the Forgotten, by L.D. Austin. ”

Laurel Austin ldaustin illustrations fantasy games Blizzard Diablo Starcraft World of Warcraft conceptual artist

[blizz-art.com] Illustration de Xi Zhang

Illustration de Xi Zhang

spassundspiele: warlords of draenor - female orcs and 2 headed troll mage concept by xi zhang

Bruenor Battlehammer - Todd Lockwood

Shield dwarf

Magma humanoid

Character Art Season Golems are man-shaped statues or shaped objects given life through magical or artificial means. They can be constructed character art Art fantasy dungeons and dra Robots golems warforged

wayne reynolds artwork - Google Search

Savage North cover by Wayne Reynolds Frost giants battle a high level fighter dwarf.

Fire Spirit by Thiago Almeida

Fire Spirit by *thiago-almeida on deviantART. Potential primitive spellwarrior or variant kensai I am a massive fan of the use of energy flowing off a characters body and/or weapon and it forming into a shape, or just a smoke effect.