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Lifesized SCULPTURES of mouse and pixie. Both are sculpted from polymer clay. Mouse has real fur.


sleeping fairy

Official Gallery of fantasy artist Rachel Anderson. Here you will find an enchanting world of magic. fairies, angels, mermaids, fantasy art with an occasional gothic twist, and more!

Nyxa by on @DeviantArt

My little poison Fairy named Nyxa. Nyxa is DZ Fairy.

Sunset II by *Szklanooka on deviantART

My first ball-jointed doll on her first trip outside Doll: SD Noelia from LUTS [link] Sunset II

Alva and Breena WIP by kamarza on DeviantArt

I have to find smaller roses. Alva and Breena were created using Ma. Alva and Breena WIP

Happy Oriental PYO dragon by on @DeviantArt

The Paint-Your -Own Oriental dragon, test painted.

THRENETIC[adjective]pertaining to a threne; sorrowful; mournful; lamentation.Etymology: from Greek thrēnos (dirge).[Rovina Cai]

Australian illustrator Rovina Cai combines her love for fantasy and storytelling to create alluring, intriguing illustrations that tell a story.