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Callie and AJ

Callie and AJ

#TheFosters 3x02 "Father's Day"

Season 3 Episode Donald and Jude

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S3 Ep4 "More Than Words" - Oooh. AJ & Callie? We're seeing sparks. #TheFosters

"More Than Words" - Oooh. We're seeing sparks.

I cried tears of joy and sadness-they need to be together. Long distance relationships are hard enough as it is

I cried tears of joy and sadness. Connor better not move, they need to be together.<<< Connor should not fucking move (um excuse my language, moving on)<<< ?

Mat/Mariana (The Fosters)

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Mariana and Matt definitely! now they broke up 😑 can we get over Callie and Brandon please! They need to be family not dating ugh. Okay but yes these two were/are amazing couple!

The moms know everything! | The Fosters Quotes

The Fosters Quotes


This show is the epitome of a diverse tv show that deals with every single problem that happens (ok maybe it's a little too much at times) but still be able to relate to you in a way

Nooooo Jude don't do it

"Collateral Damage" - Ah, Noah!