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#JaneTheVirgin 2x06 "Chapter Twenty-Eight"

Season 2 Episode Jane and Rafael

#JaneTheVirgin 2x03 "Chapter Twenty-Five"

#JaneTheVirgin 2x03 "Chapter Twenty-Five"

#JaneTheVirgin 2x01 "Chapter Twenty-Three"

"Body Warmth" These two words got every fangirl swooning over Rafael Solano😍😍

#JaneTheVirgin 1x17 "Chapter Seventeen" - Michael tell Jane that he love her (Flashback)

"Chapter Sixteen" - Michael tells Jane that he loves her (Flashback)

When he knew what was really important. | 23 Of Rogelio's Most Hilarious Quotes On "Jane The Virgin"

When he knew what was really important.

#JaneTheVirgin 1x22 "Chapter Twenty Two"

"Chapter Twenty Two" I could of screamed!

#JaneTheVirgin 2x07 "Chapter Twenty-Nine"

Season 2 Episode Petra and Jane I love the newfound friendship these two have :)