How to Wear Viking Leg Wraps (Winingas)

How to Wear Viking Leg Wraps (Winingas)

Video tips and tricks from Boots by Bohemond for wearing Viking winingas or leg wraps, worn in the Early Medieval period or Dark Ages across Northern Europe.

Viking Hands - A blog honestly detailing the historical basis for various re-enactment kit items in plain language, with references where available.

A look through my viking kit, with references and construction details.

My tutorial on the Skjoldehamn hood (viking hood, viking clothing, viking woman, shieldmaiden) Tutorial Skjoldehamn hood / Sy Sköldehamnshättan -

This is how I sew my Skjoldehamn hoods. There are two hoods in the tutorial, one bluegreen in plain weave wool I made for a friend and one moss green twill I use myself.

Viking bedding... It looks so cozy!! And expensive, but still

No way of knowing tho I've never seen any hints of it historically. However it looks super cozy and completely plausible.

Viking Hesir Pictures

Number 10 is a lot like the spear seen in the albrecht durer sketch

Viking Bling by

thisistraditionalwhiteculture: Viking Bling by Vendel Rus