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25 Beautiful Russian Concept Art works and Game Character Designs

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The Cadaver Collector is a large construct that is created by necromancers and other persons of interest who require a large sum of bodies for undead purposes. The Cadavers Collectors would be sent into great battles that were taking place and would collect the corpses of the fallen, impaling them onto their armor and then moving on to the next and next, however in many cases, both sides would ally together and fight the cadavers away as neither of them wanted to see their allies be cursed…

D&D Interesting Monsters Here's interesting monsters from the monster manual. Cadaver Collector The Cadaver Collector is a large construct that is created dungeons and dra monsters interesting manual three Edition

Fantasia e ficção científica nas ilustrações de Eugene Lizin

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Fragment #24: The Invention of Godzilla

Fragment #24: The Invention of Godzilla

Deadstock series lamp by Castor, but I'm more interested in the overall set-up.

Portlandia Is Real: Designers Transform Factory Parts Into Fancy Lighting