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Why Winston Is the Best Part of New Girl

One of my favorite moments from last nights episode. So sweet!  Nick and Jess cuteness

One of my favourite moments from last nights episode. Nick and Jess cuteness.

This was my first episode of New Girl. And I. Am. Hooked. I love it!! <3

New Girl Nick Miller. I'm not convinced I know how to read I've just memorized a lot of words

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Jake Johnson as Nick Miller and Max Greenfield as Schmidt in New Girl.

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Schmidt is hilarious! I love New Girl! IT is SOOOO funny! "Who's that girl. it's Jess"

It's nick you know that! That's not fair, he's weird! That's a good point! - nick and Jess

Nick: Why would you believe my name is Jameel? You know my name is Nick! Jess: Well he's a pretty weird guy! *points to Nick's father Nick: *shrugs in agreement LOL😂😂😂 Gotta love New Girl!