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beautiful Bird - Pixdaus. Mandarin Duck.

check out this amazing colour combo - Preening MANDARIN DUCK (Male) Aix galericulata Art in Nature Winner ©Russ Burden, Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA

Mandarin duck - Buscar con Google

In Feng Shui, birds bring in auspicious energy. Interestingly, birds also have different beneficial meanings. Example: Mandarin ducks, swans and geese represent romance and everlasting love

Amethyst Starling, also known as Violet-backed Starling. #bird

In some postings, this bird has been mistakenly identified as a Purple Martin. But, this is a Violet-backed Starling, not a Purple Martin.

When I first saw this photo, I thought it was some kind of colorful, fuzzy caterpillar. It’s actually a group of birds huddling together, which is a lot cuter. You know what they say, birds of a feather stick together.

Cute photos of birds huddling together

Funny pictures about This is not a caterpillar. Oh, and cool pics about This is not a caterpillar. Also, This is not a caterpillar photos.

Chinese Mandrian Duck

"David Slater: Wild Mandarin Duck on dark green lake, UK. How can such amazing things be?" Have seen one of these in the Adelaide Zoo - so beautiful.

rainbow hummingbird

Velvet Purple Coronet Hummingbird ~ reminds me of God's amazing creation artistry!