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Batman by Jim Lee

All-Star Batman & RobinJim Lee (Pencils) Frank Miller (Story)Scott Williams (Inks) Alex Sinclair (Colors)


BATMAN 608 DC Comics Book cover art super heroes villians It Begins Here - Dc Comics - Gargoyle - Jeph Loeb - Jim Lee - Alex Sinclair, Jim Lee

I've had enough of your shit, Green Lantern - Justice League War

The fact that Batman doesn't have powers makes him that much more hardcore. This scene from the just alright Justice League: War movie perfectly portrays this about him. And it might be a bit out of character maybe, but I love that smile at the end

VRUTAL / Cuando descubres que has vivido una mentira todo este tiempo

Pac-man Ghosts: It's Simple. We Kill the Pacman.: In the Dark Knight, the villain known as the “Joker” (played by Heath Ledger) appears at a gathering of Gotham


Batman (Original art by Jim Lee) made from Adobe Ideas on iPad.

Batman – Communauté – Google+

Here is the final version of Bats and Timmy. Robin is one of my favorite characters, but I haven't really given him the art trea. Batman and Robin Color Version