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Death Parade | Death Billiards | Madhouse / Nona

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Nona - Death Parade by IvyBloo on DeviantArt

I wanna be her for Halloween

Death Parade Anime: Rumi Ookubo (Yuyushiki, Barakamon) as Nona, Decim and Ginty's boss. From her own place on the floor, she manages all the other floors. In spite of her young appearance, she's wise and experienced.

Cosplay Tutorial - The Costuming Resource

I'm planning to Cosplay Nona from death parade in May and am slightly frightened of the wig.

[Death Parade]Nona by saeko-doyle on DeviantArt

heehee I think I fell in love with another anime~ Thanks to was gonna use the Decim rendered by someone else but that was too small and whe. Bartenders of Death - Death Parade x Tokyo Ghoul