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Slovenian draft was created on 20th century by crossing local horses (so-called Medzimurje type) with Belgian drafts and Norikers. Noriker stallions can be used still for breeding.

Mount Inspiration: A rare steed found only in the farmlands of the villages in the Human territory of Ohof. These horses are strong, beautiful, and bred to be worthy companions for the soldiers that ride upon their backs.

Dølahest, Døle Gudbrandsdal, or Dole horse. A harness and light draft horse of Norway. photo: Joakim Slettemeaas.

Dølahest, Døle Gudbrandsdal, or Dole horse. A harness and very light draft horse of Norway.

Bentley, percheron stallion, winning the Best of Breed at the 2016 Pa Farm Show. Ow by Windermere Farms Photo by: Ken Siems of PSD Photography

Parla is an Auxois breed, rather rare, between 15.2-16.2 hands, agile, used for farm & heavy draft work.

The Auxois = Like many draft breeds, the Auxois was used for transportation and industry until mechanization rendered their work obsolete.Their numbers are dangerously low today. Strong with great endurance.

What my boyfriend wants badly. A Shire :)

Shire draft horse were originally bredheavy draught horse and to carry knights of armor

Windermere Farm's North American Maid (Moose), Percheron Supreme Grand Champion. Wouldn't he have made a fantastic Medieval warhorse?

Gorgeous 2010 Supreme World Champion Percheron stallion Windermeres North American Maid (Moose) Owned by Windermere Farms Percherons He stands hands