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twig treehouse

designed by "Porky Hefer"? The Weaver’s Nest tree house designed by Porky Hefer of Animal Farm

The perfect place for a holiday enjoyment in nature. The structure of this interesting Tree House was built to look exactly like a giant bird’s nest. It gives a camouflage so you quickly disappear and become part of the surroundings.

The Bird's Nest by Swedish designers Inrednin Gsgruppen forms part of The Tree Hotel in northern Sweden.

By Dennis Oppenheim

The sculpture titled "Performance Piece" is by renowned sculptor Dennis Oppenheim. The sculpture is made from steel, pigments, bugles, firebrick and fiberglass. It features a fireplace and chimney with the chimney twisted in a knot. Around the fireplace a

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Dragon Gate of Harlech House, Dublin. Harlech House is famous for its dragon gates, was originally built in 1798 but in 1993 a huge redesign commenced which sought to celebrate the Jubilee, and also provide a home to a large family.

Tree House 101

Great photos are coming, for those who miss nature. I share with you the amazing tree house designs in this photo gallery. These tree houses are really beautiful. I’m sure you’ll like this tree house designs, if you love nature.

Dragon detail, Palazzo della Vittoria 1925: Turin art nouveau Liberty style.  Photo by Mermaid

dragon detail around door entry, Palazzo della Vittoria Turin art nouveau Liberty style

Image detail for -carving beard face green man pagan old oak rays farm

Human-Sized Nests with Ladders and Slides in Big Sur

Human-Sized Nests with Ladders and Slides in Big Sur

Using tree branches harvested from local forests, artist Jayson Fann of the Spirit Garden creates incredible nests for humans! After he carefully chooses a

San Francisco's Secret Mosaic Staircase by hâfi

The Avenue Tiled Steps Project by Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher. Located at Moraga Street between and Aves., San Francisco, CA. Sponsored by The San Francisco Parks Trust.

Natural pool - water lilies!

Natural landscape architect and garden designer Michael Littlewood of Somerset, UK. Designer of natural swimming pools. Author of Natural Swimming Pools, Inspiration for Harmony with Nature, available on his website.

One of many water features in Les Jardins de l& (The Gardens of The Imagination) overlooking the village of Terrasson la Villedieu in France. Designed by Kathryn Gustafson.


Breathtaking CONSTRUCTION - Bamboo Treehouse In Bali, known as the Sharma Springs. a six-story structure created by architect Elora Hardy (ibuku) and made almost entirely of bamboo.

orest House, Never Never Land !!

Forest House, Never Never Land photo via besttravelphotos To pin under architecture or nature? Truly green home!


Organic and Sustainable! Edouard Francois resort dwellings in Senegal.

This unique project is the result of Will Beckers’ creative energy and insight. The realisation and creation of the Willowman’s domain is the fruit of year’s of observation, study, imagination and a desire to show how a real “back to basics” sustainable existence could dare to become reality.

Les Bio-Sculptures de Will Beckers

Will Beckers is The Willowman. Land Art artist Will Beckers creates a completely unique natural environment called The Willowman project in the forests of the Floriade.