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reaching towards the light, actively staying in the light though she be surrounded much by darkness

"Am liebsten würde ich die Sterne vom Himmel pflücken und sie mir an die Decke meines Zimmers kleben", hatte sie gesagt, in den Nachthimmel gezeigt, als wir gemeinsam ganz nah beieinander auf dem Dach gelegen hatte und Stunden damit zugebracht hatten die Sterne zu beobachten. Nun stand ich hier, in ihrem Zimmer, knabbert unsicher auf meiner Lippe und starrte auf die hunderten Papiersterne, die an kleinen Fäden von ihrer Decke hingen oder an dieser klebten.

I did this in my childhood bedrooms with glow in the dark stars . String them at different lengths! It really looks cool all 3 dimensional and glowing. Hickmon You should do this in Matt's room!

ilfordstreet: everything you do is a balloon (ComeBackToMe)

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Be one of the cool kids no matter what your age, with these tips for giving your bedroom a creative, colorful or edgy vibe. We all have that one hipster friend with a style that’s effortlessly way more creative than… Continue Reading →

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A stunning view of Earth and a young International Space Station, photographed from the approaching Shuttle Discovery, October (NASA)

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These six narrow-angle color images were made from the first ever "portrait" of the solar system taken by Voyager which was more than 4 billion miles from Earth and about 32 degrees above the ecliptic.

Since the time of the earliest explorers, we have used the heavenly bodies to navigate the globe. For Apollo 11’s voyage to the moon, the stars were used in conjunction with an onboard guidance system

Apollo 11 TLC Star Chart Screen Print Poster

Astronomy screen print of the Apollo 11 TLC star chart by Cognitive Surplus