Andromeda's revenge by makani on deviantART.  So funny!  Mmmm muggleborn.  Narsissa and Bellatrix sick.

Work of makani on Deviantart. "Because I'm pretty sure all three of the Black sisters are just as cruel as the others. in their own special way. Also yeah Ted looks like Phoebus from Hunchback of Notre Dame, I know x)). But ser.

I present you: professor Potter, Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher and Head of Gryffindor House. And Teddy Lupin, his godson and the sassiest Hufflepuff <- Awesome!

Albus and Scorpius - The Cursed Child by

Albus and Scorpius - The Cursed Child It saddens me to see these two so judged, yet drawn to one another like polar opposites.

apparently all this ‘whitewashing fred’ crap is actually quite inspiring XD Weasley twins, who are definitely thinking exactly the same thing and definitely up to

This whole comic is full of laughter <3

Teddy is looking fiiiiine. Why does he have naturally turquoise hair though in drawings? Why not pink or orange?<<I feel he would have pink hair occasionally to honor his mother Tonks.

Snape on babysitting duties. CaptBexx on deviantart

Draco spends the weekend with his godfather. ^-^ by CaptBexx // oh Draco you little shit