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Right? ;)

me too so true relatable post teenager post. I'm not a morning person

Carlisle, this reminds me sooo much of you


Funny quotes - "Don't worry, the spider is smaller than you". So is a grenade.


I have literately 3 real friends and have never had more. Book friends though, thousands.

What if I just started licking the dentists fingers while they were in my mouth?

15 Teenager Posts That Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity. My dentist would be weirded out!

YES lol there was one time I read an entire book ALL. DAY. LONG and could not stop until I finished it xD

I swear if school, volleyball, and basketball didn't exist I would read for days at a time << provided I found a book interesting enough to do nothing else for that long


lol yeah, I had those embarrassing moment. At the time you're like petrified but then later you just look back and laugh

Omg that is so tru....

Teenager Post - Why are iPhone chargers not called apple juice. ~ So true!

So true

This is not a "teenager" post. This is a human post, and it is a fact. You can't have all the things! <<< I would be offended but the last sentence made me laugh. "All the things".

Haha Omgorsh sadly this sounds like something I wld have said when I was younger

Dear haters, I couldn't help but notice that 'Awesome' ends with 'Me' and 'Ugly' starts with 'U'-- found this too funny :)


Teenager Post When most girls wear hoodies and messy buns they look amazing. But when I do, I look like I've tried eery drug in the world.

.........I feel like my deepest, darkest secrets are being revealed in "teenager posts".......

I feel like my deepest, darkest secrets are being revealed in "teenager posts".THIS IS SO TRUE!

So so true!

that awkward moment when a package says "easy open" and you end up using scissors a knife, a hammer, a gun and a lightsaber trying to open it