How to Make a Chocolate Roulade Cake

Not only is this chocolate roulade sponge cake the greatest recipe ever for my famous Christmas Yule Log ~ but it's GREAT for so many other cake ideas too!

How to Make a Chocolate Roulade Sponge Cake for Christmas

How to How to How to roll a chocolate roulade - how_to - This chocolate roulade dessert looks so impressive, but really it's easy when you get your rolling right.

chocolate roulade with cream cheese salted caramel filling - There goes the diet!

Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Filled Flourless Chocolate Roulade with Salted Caramel Ganache Glaze

Every ingredient is a star in this Salted Caramel Cream CHeese Filled Flourless Chocolate Roulade covered in Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Ganache.

Chocolate roulade with blackberries. For the full recipe, click the picture or visit

Chocolate roulade with boozy blackberries

Day 8 of our recipe advent calendar! Chocolate roulade with boozy blackberries. Made with oodles of chocolate and sloe gin-soaked blackberries, this chocolate roulade makes a perfect party dessert.


Chocolate and Nut Yule Log

Chocolate Roulade--Clad in a satiny chocolate glaze and rolled with chestnut mousse, this black-tie cake with gold leaf-adorned chestnuts is fitting for New Year's Eve. It can be made a day ahead, leaving you plenty of time to dress to the nines,

Treat your loved ones to this indulgent chocolate sponge with mocha cream filling. Make sure you leave room for this one because you will definitely want seconds...

Mocha chocolate roulade

Treat your loved ones with this indulgent chocolate sponge oozing with mocha cream filling. Make sure you leave room for this one because you will definitely want seconds.

Decadent Marshmallow Roulade. A Roll Cake with seven minute frosting and topped with homemade marshmallows.

Marshmallow Roulade - Chocolate Genoise cake, seven minute frosting and homemade marshmallows covered in chocolate ganache.