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Curling up on this chair with this view at this time of the evening with this light and a cup of hot sweet tea and a delicious book.

❥ dried hydrangea blossoms - I thought they were butterfly wings at first!

❥ dried hydrangea blossoms - I thought they were butterfly wings at first! - So beautiful even when Hydrangea gets dried out -

Chiliean Metallic Plaster Wall Finish, The bronze colour of this wall seams to work better because of the cracks and texture.

Tinted plaster and stucco textures can be a nice accent with stone and wood. Why do a contemporary bathroom in your log home with regular painted drywall when you can do textures, imprints, crackle finishes?

These are the colors I'd like!

Trees across the Unites States are beginning to turn brilliant hues, heralding the arrival of fall. From buttery yellow to amber orange and burgundy red, leaves are turning all the colors of the rainbow as autumn chills the air.

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I ❤ COLOR NARANJA ❤ Let's press some Maple leaves between the pages of my favorite book. Whitman would so appreciate our gesture.

Край мертвых - Всё, на что стОит посмотреть. Сообщество визуальных ассоциаций.

~ Autumn ~ “When the time has come, every leaf turns to face the sun!” ~ Akilnathan Logeswaran I I

Delectable Decadence

I chose this image because I think it has amazing texture. The texture of the leaf and the veins create an amazing image. The water droplets add to the texture and help create strong light and dark areas.