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Vinca minor 'Bowles' Variety' ('La Grave')  "weed-smothering, evergreen groundcover with dark green leaves. From mid to late spring, intense blue-violet flowers appear just above the foliage, creating a tranquil effect.  Mow them in the fall for fuller plants with fresh foliage":


This stuff grows like a weed here. Pretty purple Vinca periwinkle was the only deer resistant, drought tolerant ground cover for our lake house planting plan.


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Vinca Minor ground cover - for front flower bed under tree

12 Most Resilient Ground Covers for Your Yard

12 Most Resilient Ground Covers For Your Yard

Easy to grow, and super resilient ground covers for any yard.

Veronica umbrosa 'Georgia Blue' ('Georgia Blue' speedwell)   Requires little maintenance. 'Georgia Blue' is willing to grow in sunny or shady spots, puts up with excessive rain or drought conditions. Small, dark green leaves turn glossy burgundy in winter.   Height  Less than 6 in.   Spread  1 ft. to 3 ft.   Light  Full Sun to Part Shade   Moisture  Medium Moisture   Bloom Time  Early Summer; Late Spring; Spring

Georgia Blue Speedwell (Veronica peduncularis 'Georgia Blue') - Monrovia - Georgia Blue Speedwell (Veronica peduncularis 'Georgia Blue') Needs water

Periwinkle...For shady areas beneath shrubs, and in other dim places, even where grass won't grow, you can have a 12-month carpet of thick abundant, evergreen Periwinkle ground cover. In May, shade-happy Periwinkle gives you a wide profusion of beautiful lavender-blue flowers that make the dullest part of the yard look like a showcase! It grows so vigorously, you can put periwinkle in poor, stony soil, on steep banks, in rock gardens...Does better in shade than grass -- but likes the sun…


Buy Madagascar Periwinkle 'Pacifica XP Cranberry Aka Madagascar Periwinkle' (Catharanthus roseus) online from Direct Gardening

Vinca minor for erosion control on a bank

Vinca minor for erosion control on a bank - Sincere Gardening

Vinca Minor/ Periwinkle--ground cover

Periwinkle (Vinca minor) - 18 Ideal Groundcover Plants for Dry Shade on HGTV (tender recollections)

Lamium (dead nettles) is a great shade perennial and ground cover that spreads rapidly and does well with little sun.

Discover Top Shade Perennials

Great shade perennials such as this one, Lamium, can do well with little sun. Find out about more excellent shade plants for your garden.

Power Perennials: Plants that Thrive No Matter What

Power Perennials: Plants That Thrive No Matter What

Creeping Blue Sedum Light: Full sun to partial shade Height: Bloom Time: Late summer to early fall Size: Potted Zones: 3 to 9 They take any kind of soil. Very drought tolerant.

Beautiful hosta garden. Lots of photos   with names of the plants on them.

Idea for back left corner of yard next to fence - Beautiful hosta garden. Lots of photos with names of the plants on them.

Dalmation Bellflower produces beautiful mounds of purple bell-shaped flowers from late spring through summer. Low-growing plant is perfect for adding color in front of other perennials. Grows only 6-9" tall. Spreads 12". Prefers full sun to partial shade. Deer resistant.

18 Best Flowering Ground Cover Plants

Dalmation Bellflower produces beautiful mounds of purple bell-shaped flowers from late spring through summer, grows only tall, spreads prefers full sun to partial shade, deer resistant.

euphorbia marginata snow on the mountain  Problem-Solver ground cover! Fast growing and beautiful -- even grows under maple trees! Grows fast covering the ground in record time. What's more, this lovely 8-10" tall, green and white variegated beauty will grow in any soil or location -- rich or poor, wet or dry soils! Snow-On-The-Mountain covers banks, bare spots, and under-tree areas with shimmering beauty where nothing else will grow. Plant 1-1 1/2' apart.

Euphorbia Marginata ‘Snow on the Mountain’ is a very fast growing ground cover, so take care of where you plant it. But if you have a bare area, especially under trees in an area that can be contained, it can offer bright color in the shade.

Bunchberry (cornus canadensis) - groundcover - pretty in fall; full shade; well-drained soil; 6 inches tall; zones 2-7

Easy Groundcovers

Bunchberry -- full shade Cute little white flowers cover the plants in spring. The real fun comes in autumn, when bright red fruits adorn the petite plants. The leaves also develop festive shades of bronzy-purple.

Pond cover - Alchemy Ironworks

Combination pond filters that use uv light and bio controls can help to stop a variety of algae problems

Cottage garden path - És még rengeteg köves megoldás a kertbe

Rock garden with various creeping flowers & plants

Red Rocket Crape Myrtle Lagerstroemia indica 'Whit IV' P.P.# 11342 Clusters of ruby red, crepe papery flowers nearly cover the multi-stemmed shrub all summer long. The dark green foliage turns rich br

Red Rocket Crape Myrtle Tree

Red rocket crape myrtle trees grow quickly to give you amazing red blooms during the summer time. Landscape your yard with explosive red rocket crape myrtles.