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picolo-kun: My roommates have never watched any Ghibli movies so I made them a doodle…and we’re going on a movie marathon Inktober day 5 Ghibli starter pack The marathon is starting! Can’t decide which movie should be the first

"Nope" this is one of my favourite ideas for an anime that I have seen

"Nope". Would watch the hell out of that

Oh my gosh this is too beautiful XD << I don't watch anime but I would definitly watch this.

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Philippines-based freelance illustrator Kerby Rosanes creates amazing, whimsical doodles in his Moleskine notebook.

Gabriel Picolo

"She was responsible for bearing the weight of the heavens on her shoulders." A small break from the eeveelutions series I've been drawing these days. I miss drawing human portraits &nbsp;

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Pencil Portrait Mastery - VioLynn 94 Sketch by Banzchan. on (Robert de Jesus) - Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits

365 Days of Doodles by Gabriel Picolo.

I love when Totoro does that thing with his mouth One of the last from the Ghibli mini series, I'm glad I did these fan art doodles Today's doodle. My Neighbor Totoro