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teddy lupin is so cute and andbdbsbsbsnsbdbd he's my baby

and ofc Peter likes the pug and will bring over dog treats and say “WHO’S A GOOD GIRL” in like a ridiculous high baby talk voice and the dog will get so excited she starts snorting and wheezing again  James makes homemade dog treats for My Child and somehow this ends in Sirius taste testing dog treats after pretending for like 4.5 seconds that he was indignant at the idea. incredible.

and ofc Peter likes the pug and will bring over dog treats and say “WHO’S A GOOD…

J.K. Rowling talking about Teddy Lupin

Teddy Lupin-just a shame they decided to cut him out of the films then really 😠

While I thought the scene was cute, it didn't fit Ginny's character at all. It felt more like something Hermione should have done to Ron<<<< ... no this is something that none of the amazing harry potter characters would have done. And it wasn't cute, Bonnie's poor acting skills simply made it awkward. (I love Bonnie but she just wasn't a good Ginny)

17 Things That Harry Potter Fans Still Aren't Over

teddy lupin. I don't understand why everyone thinks Teddy has all these piercings! I think he's a bit of a rebel but I think he doesn't have piercings.

And coming over to Eves place even though they aren't technically related and bringing her a new type of plant each time for her to use in potions.

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Teddy Lupin guys i love teddy Lupin so much hes just so, my favourite character without having real canon stuff but just headcanons and stuff and all and ajdlabjdlssbsksldb