Julian Beever is an English artist who has been creating 3D works since the mid 90s.

The Unbelievable World Of 3D Street Art

In this photo of the Eiffel Tower, Julian Beever has used anamorphic projection to good effect with the tower. Note that the top of the tower is drawn on the floor all the way to the chairs in the background.

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26 Most Stunning 3D Street Art Paintings

Street Painting has been recorded throughout Europe since the century. Street Painting is also known as Pavement Art, Chalk Art, Sidewalk Art. Take a look at the best Street Paintings ever!


Street painting, also known as pavement art, street art and sidewalk art, is thought to have originated in Britain, and in 1890 it was estimated that more than 500 artists were making a full-time living from pavement art in London alone.

A stucco-clad pavilion, shaded from the sun by a white canvas roof, leads from the house to the garden | archdigest.com

Fernando Caruncho’s Famous Green Garden in Madrid

A stucco-clad pavilion, shaded from the sun by a white canvas roof, leads from the house to the garden.


Photos from leon keer. street painting made by Leon Keer, Ruben Poncia, Remko van Schaik and Peter Westerink duing the Sarasota Chalkfestival in Forida US.

Bel colpo

Gaston Lagaffe - rue des Fripiers - Brussels hahaha walking down the street and seeing something like this will most definitely make my day!

3D Pavement Art Shows Hidden Worlds Underneath Our Feet - My Modern Metropolis

3D Pavement Art Shows Hidden Worlds Underneath Our Feet

I’ve done a post or two on this guy Nikolaj Arndt. His sidewalk chalk drawings are mind boggling. As usual we have to give a big H/T to Hujonwi this AM for theses pics.

3d street painting - mouse trap detail

Tracy Lee Stum is an internationally recognized American street painter who specializes in spectacular, interactive street chalk art street paintings.

Cool art on a clif

pavement art: 17 July People play on a street painting at Wanda Square in Fuzhou Amazing street art

Apollo Moon Rocket Street Art

36 Reality Defying Chalk Drawings By Julian Beever [Gallery] : The Lion's Den University

Amazing 3D Street Art of Edgar Mueller (10+ Pics) | See More Pictures | #SeeMorePictures

Street Art is usually created using chalk and is 2 dimensional artwork found on pavements. sidewalk chalk art is famous for given the illusion of when viewed from a certain perspective.

street art 3D. @_@

Exclusive Interview with Sidewalk Chalk Artist Julian Beever. Julian Beever is World renown for his trompe-l'œil pavement chalk art that appears to both sink into and rise from the sidewalk.

3D Street Art, dolphin

50 More Breathtaking 3d Street Art (paintings)

Dolphin Street Art, often known as chalk art is artwork drawn on the streets that gives you a optical illusion from a certain perspective.