Photo by Erika Larsen for National Geographic: Picture of Nez Perce Katie Harris with her horse Ollocot Pendleton, Oregon

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Native American Spirituality is somethings that Native Americans believe very heavily in. This describes what the beliefs they have are.

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Mens traditional dancer at the 2013 Julyamsh Powwow. I actually went to a powwow earlier this year, and it was great!

mother and child, 1905, Oregon

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Indian mother and child. The photograph was taken in in Oregon. I find this a very tender picture of a mother's love =] Beautiful!

moniledebeaute:  Ile de Luzon. Métisses Tagalo-Chinoises. Portraits, 1870-1914…

With a face that tells a thousand tales, this unknown young woman was photographed in the Philippines by Dutch photographer Francisco Van Camp in The photograph's inscription describes her as an ethnic Chinese mestizo.

My name is Little Dove. My people are the Cherokee. I am the last of my tribe, when I am gone, all that will be left is a memory in history.

My people are the Cherokee. There was a time when my tribe hunted the buffalo and lived free upon the plains. The white man came and all that changed.

Many American Indians today want to explore their family history.The Bureau of Indian Affairs is perhaps the largest database of records and histories of Native American tribes in the country.

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Native American - Sedona, via Flickr.

Despite what the white Trump-loving trash of America think, this is about as American as it gets. Too bad most assholes here are just mixed races. If purity is to be of American blood, this is one of the truest vessels.