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3D tattoo designs for men

Tribal tattoos were originally used to identify members of a specific group, but now they mostly just look cool. About one-third of all tattoo requests are tribal tattoos. Share tribal tattoo designs and links to info about tattoos.

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wiccan tattoo designs

Here's 's completed tattoo design of her yin-yang wolf and fox. Wolf And Fox Celtic Tattoo


A steampunk tattoo design that creates the illusion that this guy’s arm is made of mechanical elements. In true steampunk style, the cogs and wheels in the…

Celtic tattoo

The history of Celtic design tattoos involves influences from several different cultures. The Celtic knot tradition inspired the intricate tattoo designs we see today. Celtic knots were created by the Celts from Ireland, Wales and other countries in.

Dragon Arm Tattoo by Debi at the Illustrator Tattoo.

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