The last unicorn

Purple is seen as a colour of mystery, magic and myth. When you see it in the right settings you can almost feel a mystical presence and a spiritual emotion. It is a very powerful colour, used in a lot of fairytale stories.


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The Last Unicorn by on @deviantART

A piece of fan art based on one of my favourite animated films, The Last Unicorn. The Last Unicorn

Last Unicorn by *StellaB on deviantART

The Last Unicorn Fan Art: Unicorn in the forest. Photoshop Elements Artwork © 2007 Stella B. Last Unicorn

Art Nouveau Fan Art of ’80s And ’90s Heroines

Lady Amalthea Nouveau - The Last Unicorn Art Print by ~kishokahime on deviantART

Essay: The Last Unicorn Inadvertently Defines My Life.

‘The Last Unicorn’ Inadvertently Defines My Life

The Last Unicorn was my favorite movie as a little girl. Lady Amalthea by ~StellaB on deviantART [beautiful unicorn. My favorite book too. I still read it over and over again thanks to my sister for giving it to me as a young girl.

John Pitre, 1942 ~ Fantasy/Surrealist painter | Tutt'Art@ | Pittura * Scultura * Poesia * Musica |

John Pitre, 1942 ~ Fantasy/Surrealist painter