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Strengite, aka dragon magic stone

Strengite is a relatively rare iron phosphate mineral. The mineral is named after the German mineralogist Johann August Streng It can range from lavender, pink or purple in hue.

Opal from Nevada

electronicmining: “ Opal - Virgin Valley District/Humboldt County, Nevada Joe Budd Photography Gary White Collection ” O.

Naturally forming Lemurian Crystal Garden in Brazil~wow

°Lemurian Crystal Garden ~ These crystals were discovered in a bed of sand & completely separate of each other. Unlike other crystals, Lemurian Seed Crystals are not found in clusters, which in geological terms this means.

Geboortesteen januari Granaat.  Een bijzondere steen die de weg van Noah met zijn ark verlicht zou hebben. In de Griekse mythologie is de steen verbonden met de arme Persephone. Hades had de graangodin ontvoerd naar zijn dodenrijk en had haar granaatappelpitjes te eten gegeven.

Garnet is your Birthstone. (chunk of raw Garnet As a root chakra stone, garnet said to be excellent for manifestation. It is used to ground one's dreams in reality, bringing abundance, prosperity, and realization of those dream).

Purple Purple Purple

Amethyst Are your kids interested in collecting rocks? Help them start their collection with these tips.

Sandgrains as seen in a microscope.

La beauté des grains de sable en macro

Grains of sand magnified 250 times its original size. Amazing that our God took the time to make every grain of sand unique. That is a bunch of grains.