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There are plenty of lists about the “weirdest” Barbie dolls on the internet, but they only scratch the surface of the insane, sometimes terrifying world of the best-selling doll. Here are 20 totally real, official Barbies that prove she hasn’t just conquered girls toys, she may have literally conquered the universe.

20 Weird, Insane And Extremely Disturbing Barbie Dolls

Jude Deveraux The Raider — Barbie® and Ken® Doll Giftset -- Barbie in a bodice-ripper. Who knew!

Bob Mackie Brazilian Banana Bonanza Barbie Doll - Collectible Designer Dolls | Barbie Collector

2012 - Bob Mackie - Brazilian Banana Bonanza™ Barbie® - GOLD LABEL - wears an exuberant, white-and-lime striped sarong. The dramatic skirt is edged with a bounty