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Cells Bracelet (67mm)

Cells Bracelet by ksims on Shapeways

honey ring by jeff http://shpws.me/otJs

Love this Honeycomb ring - benefits research for colony collapse

Lines ring brass http://www.geekprints.es/Collection/Lines/Lines-ring-golden

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To be human means to have dreams,  unrealisic, stupid, funny ones. Without dreams we would be still animals, which wouldn’t be a bad thing by the way. But dreams we have … so, be a human, make them true and evolve the species! Stainless steel ring, manufactured via Shapways 3D printing service.

Somewhere Ring (various sizes)

Another Owl Buckle (ready to use) by MichaelMueller on Shapeways

Another Owl Buckle (ready to use)

This is Lightfoot Rex's Spiral Ring in the famous book Wattopia.  Read it at http://www.wattpad.com/story/14677074-wattopia

A spiral looks like an inescapable vortex. It’s sometimes connected to terms like madness and insanity … Say hello to the crazy world and wear a spiral ring! Stainless steel ring, manufactured via Shapways printing service.

5D Hypercube by DavidDiamondheart'

Hypercube by DavidDiamondheart on Shapeways. Learn more before you buy, or discover other cool products in Mathematical Art.

Polyoptic ring 4.2 by euphy

Polyoptic ring by euphy on Shapeways