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repinning for the last story

I love it when Geeks screw with the status quo. This would be so much fun! ( Not that I'm not religious or anything, but I kind of like to mess with people a bit. It's fun!

Um...yes!!! But like, maybe a two part bar, so like the front of it is like a diner called Winchester's so that way underage fans can still enjoy, and then a bar in the back called "The Pit."

They would never close down. They could continuously play Supernatural on the TV and a jukebox with classic rock. Jared and Jensen on opening a bar, "Winchester's"


[gifset] Jensen, Mark and the bees :) Season 9 gag reel. I'm not the only one afraid of bees

That explains it!

Accurate Balthazar for the win I miss him so much Everyone knows that Balthazar is the sassiest angel in the garrison lol but gAbe too ; << and then he died and Leo could win.

Imagen de http://pa1.narvii.com/5772/f449b169514ab103a94e22c546b2a62712f97891_hq.gif.

And the SPN fandom arrives<< ok but doctor who weeping Angels are the scariest

aw best buddies<<< I love these two so much it's unbelievable ❤️❤️❤️

[GIFSET] Jensen talks about Jared's generosity -- A Day In The Life Of Jensen And Jared (I love these two so much.)<<<Awww Jared :D

This is even more hilarious because he's won one

Say no to the crossroad demon, Leo! Supernatural/Leonardo Dicaprio Why is the internet so mean? Why am I still laughing?

Oh my god I love misha

Misha Collins everyone.i was crying from laughter for about ten minutes XD

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"We heard you liked Supernatural so we put Supernatural inside your Supernatural!<<< Supernatural's actors pretending to be Supernatural's characters pretending to be Supernatural's actors pretending to be Supernatural's characters"

When asked who his favorite monster on Supernatural is, kind of obvious! He has to point down. Adorable

Interviewer: "What was your favorite monster that you've had on the show?" Jared: *points* -- Do you realize how adorable this is! He married his favorite monster!