Cass and Jay

No one can resist the Cass Cain charm. Even people dedicated to hating everyone

Austintoya Cass and Jay

Anonymous said: Hi, Your art is gorgeous! And here’s Jason And Cass…^^

Dick's relieved smile is so precious

Dick's relieved smile is so precious. But I imagine this as more of a Damian thing.

Damiam and Alfred look lile the only ones who are sober.... I'm sort of scared.

The batfam on game night (I love the batfam posts with Babs in them- she usually isn't included)


Victoria Palomino, I'm a french girl addicted to Jason Todd and the Bat-family and I love to draw hehe ^^

Jason's Safe House by on @deviantART

Jason Is Such a Happy Camper Lol I just noticed robin on the ceiling!