Now that's just painful.


Holy cupcake that's beautiful. Anybody else crying? <----Don't forget me crying in the corner here.

...and Mycroft in a tutu. Because that makes everyone feel better.

Awwwww Sherlock drew John a pretty apology picture. They're BFFs! My question is who comes up with this stuff? And why is it so funny?

Sherlock, Johnlock

Easy, I guess; I'll just re-watch the episodes, cry my eyes out a thousand times over, and tantalize myself with not being able to guess how Sherlock faked his death. Simple.

Bummed to hear Sherlock has been delayed until I am sure it will be worth the wait though :)<<This is cute in Normally I hate the "Keep Calm and" posters but this one.

Lol love him

His southern accent in was actually very good (from the small clip I heard). I'm interested to hear his modern southern accent. AND DRAGON ENGLISH.

I wasn't going to pin this, because it's heading towards the weird. But we are talking about the Sherlock fandom, and I laugh every time.

Got my 13 year old niece into Sherlock. She tweeted this to me today.


Sherlock BBC: How to Look Mysterious: Have Cheekbones Turn Up Your Coat Collar

Sherlock BBC: "Once upon a time there was a boy who the devil wanted to destroy, but the boy was clever and his mind quick, he could see through the devil's trick.

'why arent u looking at me', by inchells (2 jan 2014)

"Why aren't you basking in my glory, Jawn." <--- "I've been doing it since the first time I looked at a mirror and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

Dang Sherlock. You keep surprising us over and over again.

I noticed! First time I watched the episode I was like, what what is he doing, he's blinking so rapidly.and naturally I know SOS in morse code, so I checked it out and I was like HA KNEW IT