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HAHAHAHAHA- SO DAMN TRUE! People be looking at me in school being like- "My nigga, you need to chill." ---> just a few minutes ago when starting up my computor, i had the sudden urge to go for a run, so i just ran outside.

...especially children, & for a person to suggest they are will definitely bring the evil twin out. We love children, & babies.

UNLESS we've finally taken so much of that person's sh!t and explode, at which point we immediately feel bad for hurt feelings and over-think the situation for weeks. actully i am a gemini and i love to be rude:)

Throwback Gemini

gemini sexuality traits - Gemini after an argument = Can be very dismissive, like it never happened; or may have some lingering feelings about it but isn’t one to hold a grudge for a long period


Subway Art Gemini Zodiac Typography - I guess these are some of my Gemini qualities!