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the next disney princess is...

Funny pictures about Alarmingly accurate. Oh, and cool pics about Alarmingly accurate. Also, Alarmingly accurate.

A sneak preview of Supernatural season 9

Summary of Supernatural and the force of nature that is Sam's hair.

Here’s my beef with Facebook, or rather, its users. Stop sharing bullshit on Facebook that is the equivalent of spam forwards in email. What the hell, people? There is NO reason that I should have to sort through my feed with groans of disgust and annoyance on my blog’s feed. I use this Facebook account to get away from all of that bullshit. Enough is enough!  #Spam #cancer #likeif #ridiculous #chainletters #facebook #rant

If you just started studying tonight youre gonna have a bad time - SouthPark Bad Time meme

The Hillywood Show Supernatural Parody parallels. Hillywood is scary good at replicating scenes exactly. It's amazing.

The Hillywood Show Supernatural Parody compared to the show. So well done, Hillywood ladies and gents, I salute you!

That moment when you laugh me than you should at a post.

There's nothing better than watching Jared, Jensen, or Misha laugh :) the second pic of Jared really brings in to light his puppy similarities. I literally can't tell the difference!

I was very jealous of the hugs Dean and Sam gave Charlie. I want gigantic brotherly Winchester hugs. They look very comforting and awesome.

my boy. on

The Charlie Hug - Dean and Charlie's relationship is one of my favorites :)--Friendly reminder that she died protecting him.