destiel fan art

smallworld-inc: “The full-size version of the header I drew for the deancasbigbang community on LJ. Prompt: Cas wearing Dean’s clothes with Dean in awe next to him.

This is a face of someone who love you and of someone heartbroken because the love of his life didn't remember anything. And the fact that this is the look on Dean face when Cas said "thank you for saving my WIFE" say it all

Dean and Cas <--This is more of I thought you were dead only to find you shacked up with some lady face. THIS. THIS IS MY HURT FACE.

(gif set) 8x17 Goodbye Stranger ||| "I need you." [All of the feelings...]

I love the fact that Dean heard all the things Cas said to Naomi (or whatever her name is), I mean he had to hear it bc he did ask Cas;" Bc Cas said it out loud. That means Dean heard Cas say; "I won't hurt Dean"

sabriel and destiel - Google Search

sabriel and destiel - they're all in 4 different houses and it suits them so well!<<I haven't decided would I put Cas in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, but yes, it suits them very well

Yes...He is and dean knows it best

Dean's face: My boyfriend is gorgeous, huh //I just watched this episode! I saw deans face and im like nawwwww//<<<yesss, all the awww lol

"Sorry Sam my boyfriend needs me"

okay i ship Destiel but i think Dean realizes that Sam has an angel riding shot gun so he's fine but Cas was just dead so probably not as fine so he takes priority.

Ow, my feelings! *edit* having watched - Dean! You really need to get your Cas-related shit straight.///this is why is ship it