Fun facts about Misha Collins -- He would. Every single one of them. He. Would. Indeed. *nod* There's a reason he has a terrifying amount of fans.... :D

There are so many weird random facts about misha Collins beyond this post. He is the most random man alive. I love it. Bless this man.

Misha Collins (his hair looks kinda Jenseny here don't you think?)

Castiel/Misha Collins thunk and appreciation thread - Page 124

His eyes...

*gasp* I Love this picture of Misha Collins! (posted by Castieldreamer)

<3 Misha <3

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I like Misha's cute chin. <3  Oh, heck! Everything on his face is cute! ;D

I think it's amazing that Jimmy Novak can look absolutely NOTHING like Castiel. I guess that's MISHA Collins for you.