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Jensen ~ those eyes

Eyebrow raise....green  eyes...jensen*moaning softly*

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My preference would be for the 2017 Jensen. Although I certainly wouldn't say no to the 2016 Jensen, or the 2015 Jensen, or the well any year really. Actually, can I put my name down for the 2018 and onward Jensen too.

Again a new Photo.he just gets more good looking for each year.

Supernatural SDCC Signingx

Doesn't matter how old jensen gets he will remain forever hot

Human references

DAMN this man if fine! Jensen Ackles - those eyes, those freckles, those lips, even the crows feet are f'cking sexy!

crazedsam: “ 26/100 photos of jensen ackles ”

crazedsam: photos of jensen ackles ”

His smile.....gorgeous man

His smile.....gorgeous man

Jensen's face haha

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Jensen's face haha

Jensen_ackles_69 Top 10 Most Handsome (Good Looking) Hollywood Actors

Top 10 Most Handsome (Good Looking) Hollywood Actors

Jensen Ackles Ackles is best known for his roles as Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives, Jason Teague on Smallville, Dean Winchester on Supernatural, and as on Dark Angel. Ackles is married and has one daughter.


The board I saw this on had it captioned: "Why are there no great Sammy pics like this?" Personally, I think it's because "Sammy" just isn't as great looking as "Dean." (Not that he is ugly.

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Don't be sad Jensen!

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Greeeeeeen eyes so pretty



Ten years between ❤️

The man ages well