I'd probably yell at Dean to focus.. Still my poor child ;-;

I'd probably yell at Dean to focus. Still my poor child ; I would tell give him a hug and comfort him i wouldn't yell at him to focus

Frank, don't know who to credit, but dang... love the look on Sam's face. OK, just love Sam's face.

Journal of a Man of Letters - # 80 - The attention to detail in these are pretty amazing. Note Dean's bag of peanut m&m's and Sam's rosy cheeks. I mean, for real though.

Awesome! :) / iFunny :)

a little strip at break time again //drinking tea now back to work ahhh I'm in a deep love with this cute couple gif for x') Dean, Cas, Sam, Lucifer @ SPN Destiel Strip 2

Big Plans For That Fish by sunsetagain.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

sunsetagain: “Big Plans For That Fish Supernatural Season 6 Episode 20 For dear louisiel ”

Cool guys don't look at explosions... even when the explosions are happening because Heaven is dying and the seraphim are falling.

Sam Winchester’s Journal Entry As the sky is getting brighter and angels are crashing down like bombs in the woods all around us, Dean and I can’t help but think about Castiel. Art and Text by Petite-Madame

Welcome to (Super) Night Vale by HeroesDaughter.deviantart.com on @deviantART<<< Oh my gosh Cas.<<< WHY HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE PINNED THIS!? I won't deny that it's awesome but there are other pins on this board, people!

Supernatural/Nightvale crossover<---all angels are named Erika in night vale.

Castiel, Angel of the Lord #spn

Castiel, Angel of the Lord ugh I wish I could make fan art like this, the artist should be so damn proud of this piece

I'm wholly and gleefully transfixed by this. It makes my soul flutter with desire and feel calm with tranquillity. Incredible.

Get your meme on!

WHAT DO YOU MEAN THESE ARE DRAWINGS? supernatural <<< I see what you did there<<< I seriously thought these were all pictures instead of drawings.