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Sometimes I sit at the front desk and my soul leaves my body. Maybe. Or maybe it just spends the day on pinterest.

Sometimes I sit at the front desk and my soul leaves my body

Corrupting JPEGs using notepad or text edit.

"Ceaseless practice is essential until one attains without the least effort that natural and primal state of mind which is free from thought, in other words, until the 'I', 'my' and 'mine' are completely eradicated and destroyed.

Choose a section of your photo and turn it around within the same image so that it looks like more than one image

I chose this image because I feel that it is a proper representation of how the missionary's children would be feeling. These children are put in a strange place that may seem unfamiliar and empty. Their lives are turned upside-down by

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gabbigolightly: “ Photographed by Manuela Pavesi for Ponystep ”

Sometimes if you look down on things the result is much worse

This piece works with shadow art, which I find very interesting. I love pieces with crisp lines and the affect of the nails has exactly that. The contrast between the white wall, dark nails, and light shadows is dramatic, yet simple.