Damon, looking after the kids. <----- HOW COULD YOU. YOU DID NOT JUST. STOP.

When a Hunter tries to trap a Vampire. The key is to Keep Calm and Carry On! TVD - The Vampire Diaries

Clawsy Klaus LOL Ian Somerhalder and Joseph Morgan

Ian Somerhalder and Joseph Morgan Creswell stidstone two hottest/Best things from Vampire Diaries ❣

The Vampire Diaries TVD 7X15 - Damon and Rayna

The Vampire Diaries TVD - Damon and Rayna / I love how Leslie Ann Huff said she didn't realize how funny Ian was they worked together. He always uses jokes, songs, accents, etc to lighten the mood.

The Vampire Diaries TVD 7X14 - Stefan and Klaus

The Vampire Diaries TVD - Stefan and Klaus yeh , Hayley, cami. But cami is dead and Elijah can have Hayley so go away stefan, Klaroline!