Caballero Templario.  Los Templarios, eran en su gran mayoría metahumanos (todo en el contexto of Noche de novela Tinieblas) y tras los cuales the convergence is reagruparon batallaron y por la igualdad between criaturas las y los humanos

This perfect image of a knight kneeling down bearing the holy cross perfectly represents the type of society present during the middle ages and the Canterbury Tales.

These are designs for the 'Talismans of the Knights Templar' jewellery range from Eastgate Resource. Inspired either by authentic Templar symbolism or on the myths that have been associated with th...

Knights Templar: Knights Templar Jewellery Designs Sheet by dashinvaine, at deviantART.

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The Knights Templar started off as a military force protecting pilgrims going to the holy land, though they became an elite combat force in the crusades who also had huge financial influence in Europe.

Many years ago it was decided between those who control things as they are in the physical to create a new country that they could use to control man.  It was decided that the area which is now known as the United States would be the place to reestablish the pillars of Rome.This was done by choice before the voyages of Columbus.  It is true that the land was known, and that some of those remaining members of the Templars had traveled often to the land.

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