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so i heard you guys like sci-fi redesigns? YOU DO, DON’T YOU?! here have a cyborg ninja natasha because i felt like drawing such a thing today. heavily influenced by MGS and deus ex i guess.  a avengers sci-fi AU would be so coooool. should i redesign all of them? what do you think?

here's a sci-fi version of black widow aka natasha romanoff c: got a lot of influences from MGS and Deus ex. The BLack Widow

Shamash Ninja- Advanced version by Vlad_MRK

Shamash Ninja, advanced – Galaxy Saga character concept by Vlad Marica

Space Helmet by Alexandre ...I want something like this for ES performances, only not as serious.

Space Helmet by Alexandre .this would be an awesome motorcycle helmet

26197efef5b6d22ed1268da23b9e4837.jpg (736×696)

Alien robot head modeled in ZBrush, rendered in KeyShot by Dmitriy Rabochiy.

ArtStation - Alraz Prime, Richie mason

Richie J Mason is an exceptionally talented character and concept artist based in the UK.

Science Fiction — velveteenelectricalreaction: summonerjolan: ...

Those are part of pictures that I colected around for modeling inspiration. don't forget to fallow me in tweater for last news at stuff for