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so i heard you guys like sci-fi redesigns? YOU DO, DON’T YOU?! here have a cyborg ninja natasha because i felt like drawing such a thing today. heavily influenced by MGS and deus ex i guess.  a avengers sci-fi AU would be so coooool. should i redesign all of them? what do you think?

here's a sci-fi version of black widow aka natasha romanoff c: got a lot of influences from MGS and Deus ex. The BLack Widow

JOJO POST DIGI: HELMET, Cyberpunk, Android, Robot, Futuristic, Sci-Fi, Military, Star gate, Cyborg, Cabuto, Clothing, Fashion, Future, Armor, Mask. Communication.:

"The worst part about them is that you don't even know what they look like"

Space Helmet by Alexandre ...I want something like this for ES performances, only not as serious.

Space Helmet by Alexandre .this would be an awesome motorcycle helmet

concept ships: Gravity rider from Galaxy saga by Paul Chadeisson

Concept art from Galaxy Saga by pao. Keywords: gravity rider concept art for galaxy saga card game by professional concept artist pa.

Courir2_bodysuits_wip, Teruyuki and Yuka on ArtStation at https://artstation.com/artwork/courir2_bodysuits_wip

sci fi science fiction armor Robot Suit Digital Illustration mech art Teruyuki and Yuka

ArtStation - Cyborg Helmet Hard Surface-Study - Realtime render, Daniel Palmi

This was a hard surface -study in zBrush to learn most essential techniques in sculpting clean&crisp surfaces.

51 Cool Helmet Designs https://www.designlisticle.com/helmet-designs/

51 Cool Helmet Designs

Sci-fi future military cyborg soldier in exoskeleton armor - machinery luye…

Powered Armor

Powered Armor

Mechincryo, #Robots, #Sci-Fi

mechincryo by krysalid - posted under Digital Art tagged with: Paintings & Airbrushing, Robots, Sci-Fi by Fribly Editorial