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little norway

Wallpaper and background photos of for fans of Anime images.

Norway - Hetalia

Chibi Norway Hetalia Omfg he's so adorable! I'm gonna die from cuteness

Day 9: id show my parents norway. Because i cant think of anyone else and hes pretty cool

Read Chapter 12 from the story Hey, It's me. Lukas Bondevik by with 18 reads.

Hetalia Nordic countries: Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, and Norway The Nordic five is my favorite Hetalia group tbh

Hetalia- Chib!Norway

Norway I don't care whether this is chibi form or not you are not allowed to be this damn cute, YOU ARE FICTIONAL, quit giving me unrealistic hopes for boys irl

hetalia norway - I cant help it..he's hot af

((RP, Be norway?)) We were at another boring meeting. I prop my head up in the palm of my hand, and glance over at norway. I got teased a ton for liking him, and everyone told me to just go for it, but there was no way in hell I was doing that.