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didn't even change his name...never died on space ship challenger...nasa lies

Was the Challenger Disaster a HOAX? Are the crew members of 1986 Space Shuttle…

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The eye of Horus

Which bat shit crazy Satanic rape, murder of babies devil ritual was this from?

Spew hatred and then false information and follow it up with God Bless... amazing.

Adeboye Oriade on

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Sharon McAuliffe

According to conspiracy theorists, six of seven of the NASA Space Shuttle Challenger crew may still be alive today

What are these calculations?

What the hell are these calculations? Flat earthers are truly mistaken. These are incorrect calculations, and this is the basis for their theory. It's an ignorance of geometry, arithmetic, and Newtonian science.

How does a plane with a 157 wing span enter the Pentagon and leave a 60 foot wide hole?

How does a plane with a 157 ft.wing span enter the Pentagon and leave a 60 foot wide hole? There's no "angle" that could have managed that. Look at the aftermath- whatever it was didn't come in at an angle anyway.


not saying it cant be a strange coincidence but this is really kinda creepy if you really think about it.

|| Space Shuttle Discovery from the International Space Station.

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