Two new music tracks by @DaniloSesti!

Ravnica island by Stephan Martiniere from the game Magic: the Gathering. Inspo for the grand castle in the first city before it fell during the last war.

The Southern Continent [by Stephan Martiniere]

Stephan Martinière - Cover of A Shadow in Summer: Book One of the Long Price Quartet by Daniel Abraham, 2006

Dark and eerie Victorian night time streets

A sooty, foggy night in Victorian London. great atmosphere for horror and vampires - Phuoc Quan: Black and White painting I get an eerie sense from this photo, something like what our set will be.

(Open RP) I look over the Castle of the Light Side of Beyond. It's safe, for now. Knights are getting their swords sharpened and are practicing moves to use in the battle that will happen soon.


(The Castle beginning to show signs of life after almost a life time of being presumed dead. It begins with a simple flowers bloom.)Castle Grounds by kuschelirmel on DeviantArt

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Tree House Revisited - what an amazing art! Reminds me of the tree homes of the Na'vi in Avatar but it is somehow more Tolkien inspired.

Aruarian Dance_百度图片

Fantastic Digital Artwork by Jie Ma

♂ Dream Imagination Surrealism Knocking on heaven’s door by Jie Ma Reminds me of doctor who


It’s time for me to update my Artstation with my newest Art piece! This project was done by nights, and on a few week-ends. I initially started this project for a University Class, but I ended-up continuing this project even after the class was done.