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A Jewish rape victim in the city of Lvov -- one of 1000 Jews rounded up and turned over to the Germans by local citizens David Rubinger - Archives of the Ghetto Fighter's House, Israel

gordi's backup docs/pics to antisem-holo-jew issues: Lviv pogroms, petlura days VII 41

Physician Eugene Lazowski discovered injecting healthy patients with dead bacteria could cause them to test positive for epidemic typhus without experiencing any symptoms. He & a friend worked secretly to inject thousands of Poles, deliberately creating the appearance of an epidemic. Fearful of contagious illness, Nazis quarantined the villages rather than sending them to concentration camps.

Eugene Lazowski - a Polish medical doctor who saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust by creating a fake epidemic which played on German phobias about hygiene

kids too

gordi's backup docs/pics to antisem-holo-jew issues: warsow ghetto uprising (not seen in stroop report) and other places.abuse of women, kids too.

" I was 16 and left to care for my 6-year-old sister. I found us an apartment outside the ghetto and traded clothes for food. In 1942 news spread that the ghetto was being liquidated. I decided to help some Jews escape the final roundups by hiding them. I moved into a cottage for more space. Soon, 13 Jews were living in a secret space in my attic.  Przemyl was liberated on July 27, 1944. The Jews that 17-year-old Stefania helped to hide all survived the war.

During the Holocaust, sixteen-year-old Stefania and her six-year-old sister harboured thirteen Jewish men, women and children in the attic of their home for two-and-a-half years. Both were later honored as the Righteous

Jewish ghetto children in front of a synagogue, Rzeszów, Poland, c1942

Jewish ghetto children in front of a synagogue, Rzeszów, Poland,